Locomotive History of the Cheshire Lines Committee

The CLC hired locomotives from the MS&LR (and later the GCR and LNER). Over time, this resulted in several disputes between the three partners and rates were adjusted on a number of occasions. Initially, very up-to-date locomotives were provided by the MS&LR for the best trains, but in time the CLC became a last resting place for many out-dated engines. Nevertheless, the locomotives did have to be good enough to keep time on the crack Manchester Liverpool expresses. The proximity of Gorton Works to the CLC was a major factor in retaining MS&LR / GCR types.

Locomotives belonging to all three partners, on trains originating from or destined for locations beyond the CLC, did work on CLC metals. During the LNER period the tradition was maintained and it would seem that very few LNER designed locomotives were actually allocated to CLC sheds, J39 0-6-0s being a notable exception. There were a few GNR locomotives tried out (in LNER days) but by and large they were not popular with the crews.


Thank you to Richard Barron for the above information.