GCR Trivia

  • The GCR was often referred to as "The Last Mainline". Developments in the early 21st century have now made that reference obsolete.
  • The MS&LR was often referred to by the popular press of the day as the "Money, Sunk and Lost Railway"; when the railway changed its name, the press and hapless shareholders also renamed it as the "Gone Completely Railway".
  • The chimneys which Robinson applied to his designs were regarded by many as the most elegant of any in the UK. Unlike those of most designers, the taper was larger at the base than the rim.
  • In the 1915 disaster at Quintinshill, Scotland, the 15 carriage troop train was composed entirely of GCR stock; it was totally burnt out.
  • The largest signal box on the GCR system was Wrawby Junction, 132 levers.
  • Relations between the GCR and the LNWR were never very cordial. This was demonstrated at Manchester London Road joint station where convenient access for passengers over a footbridge between the two parts of the station was kept barred until Nationalisation.
  • After Grouping, Marylebone became the registered offices of the LNER.
  • The GCR motto was "Forward", in turn this was adopted by the LNER and later by the British Transport Commission.
  • The GCR used "slip" coaches and these continued under the LNER until 1935.


Thank you to Richard Barron for the above information.