Joint Lines part-owned by the GNR

The Great Northern Railway was the partner in a number of joint lines:

M&GN - The Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway

This line, as the name suggests, part owned with the MR, was Britain's longest joint railway. There were two western legs to the line; one from Peterborough and one a few miles further north in the vicinity of Bourne, Lincs. The line extended through Lincolnshire to Norfolk and Suffolk. Traffic was carried from the Midlands, especially Leicester, to East Anglia. Seasonal holiday traffic and agricultural trade was the main business.

CLC - The Cheshire Lines Committee

The GNR owned a third share of this railway with the MS&LR/GCR and the MR.

The Forth Bridge

As an East Coast partner, the NBR persuaded the GNR to take a share in the bridge.


This line was formed from part of the original GN loop line in Lincolnshire. The northern extremity was Black Carr Junction, Doncaster and it ran through to St Ives, Cambs.


This line extended from the vicinity of Market Harborough to junctions with the GN Grantham-Nottingham line at Bottesford and Saxondale. A pure GNR branch from this line gave the company access to Leicester. Apart from a very short stretch at the southern end in Northamptonshire, the line ran through Leicestershire. One of the main reasons for building this line was to tap the traffic from the ironstone mines near Waltham on the Wolds. The LNWR benefited from the arrangement by gaining access to Nottingham and the coal traffic generated by the Nottingham-Derbyshire coalfield. It also gained access to the ECML and built a shed at Doncaster. Another large, shed was built by the LNWR at Colwick.

Halifax High Level

Joint with the Lancashire & Yorkshire.

H&OJ - Halifax & Ovenden Joint

Joint with the Lancashire & Yorkshire.

Methley Joint

This was a short line in the midst of a set of complex junctions. There were two other partners, the L&Y and the NER.

N&SJ -Norfolk & Suffolk Joint

Joint between the M&GN and GER. The line ran between Lowestoft and Yarmouth.

South Yorkshire Joint

The GNR owned this line with four other partners: GCR, NER, L&Y and MR.

GNR Doncaster-Leeds

A part of this line was jointly owned with the GCR.


Thank you to Richard Barron for the above information.