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This website is for the original LNER of 1923-1947. We have NO connection with the modern ECML operating company. If you need ticket refunds/etc, try contacting them at lner.co.uk. All queries using the form below regarding the modern company will be ignored.

Feedback regarding the LNER Encyclopedia is welcomed. I am also interested in further information and pictures which can be used to improve these pages. Please use the following contact form for your feedback or information.

This form is used to send comments to the site's owner/administrator. All queries for information about the LNER, possible artifacts, modelling details, etc, etc should be posted to the LNER web forums, and NOT here. I receive too many emails of this kind and cannot attempt to answer them all. Therefore all queries of this kind sent by email or using this contact form will go unanswered. Far more people with far greater expertise will see your post on the forum. Also, others will benefit from seeing the answers.

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