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Re: Rolling Stock

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:38 pm
by Nova
Dave S wrote:I'm going to guess that you'll do as the moderators ask, if they don't want you to do something they don't have to give a reason but I'd trust their judgement.
the majority of the time I would, it's the instances I feel they are being unjust that I would protest, the point I was making is I have the right to object in those circumstances.

Re: Rolling Stock

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:57 pm
by Pennine MC
Nova wrote:[

the majority of the time I would, it's the instances I feel they are being unjust that I would protest, the point I was making is I have the right to object in those circumstances.
You have the right to object, sure; as a sometime moderator myself (not here), I'd not deny you that, in principle at least. You also have responsibilities (which, people tend to forget, go hand in hand with rights).
Dave S wrote:[At the end of the day nothing is free on the internet, someone is paying for bandwidth somewhere along the line so this forum is the property of someone, and if they're not happy with you posting copyrighted images and don't want to give a reason why, it's not your place to argue.
But ultimately, as Dave says here, the board admin has the final sanction, whether you feel it fair or not - see below. You're using someone else's facility - if they want you to type in bright pink and avoid using the letter E, they have the right to do that.
Nova wrote:[

then by all means, direct me to a case when someone was taken to court and lost for posting copyrighted material such as images or an article on a forum in the manner I have done. I can direct you to one where the person being accused won:


If i ended up being taken to court on the matter it would presumable go the same way, being ruled non commercial and non profit
Nova wrote:[
from now on unless a moderator tells me to take an image down, quoting exactly any applicable laws, they will remain up
The law isn't the point, nor the interpretation of it. It wouldn't just be you taken to court, the board admin would also be held accountable if they didn't reasonably act to prevent the infringement. Regardless of the chances of any action being successful, I don't think any responsible member of this forum would want to see his time being diverted in defending such an action.

I must have seen copyright debates on occasions approaching three figures now. I don't pretend to be an expert, not least because the law on the subject is such a minefield (and dare I say it, a bit of an ass). What I will say is that you're adding nothing new; the arguments - and sadly, the attitude - are all too familiar.

Re: Rolling Stock

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:39 pm
by 65447
Nova wrote:yes, but not everyone has access to said books, myself included, more so those living in other countries. This fact will only become more prevalent as time since the discontinue of print increases and copies become harder to obtain and thus more expensive.
I guess that you have access to a public library? In which case the books can be reserved for a small charge and, if not stock to that library service, can be obtained through inter-library loan. It's amazing what's out there and even more amazing most of it can be searched for via the web without leaving your seat - even requests can be made that way once you've actually joined a library.

Alternatively most reasonable model railway clubs have their own libraries.

Re: Rolling Stock

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:14 pm
by Nova
Moving back on topic. As the conversation has gone significantly off track by my own hand admittedly, for which I apologize.

I echo what I previously said. I feel that, given this is supposed to be an encyclopedia on the LNER, wagons at some point need to be touched on similarly to locomotives, either how I initially suggested or by having articles on specific wagons simply being lists of the various diagrams of a specific type. EG there would be an article on fitted vans simply with entries on different diagrams. with the format to each entry as follows

Diagram #
image of wagon/coach for demonstrative purposes.
Table with info on Build dates, Number series, Wheelbase, Dimensions, Weight, Etc.

of course a note at the bottom listing which examples are available in modelform would also be welcome

of course this is all only a suggestion, and the end result is ultimately up to the creator of this website, however I feel this satisfies as many people as possible; people like me who 9 times out of 10 only need the basic statistics such as number series, dimensions, and reference to markings for aid with modelmaking (IE building a kit and numbering it). and those who don't want a comprehensive article for fear of making publications on the subject obsolete.

also understand I'm not saying that pages on wagons become a priority, merely something to consider for the future as a welcome option.

Re: Rolling Stock

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:03 pm
by richard
Turn my back for a second and we have a long debate on copyright. Posting copyrighted images without explicit permission is against the law.

On the static pages, most have permission (which is credited) or are out of copyright. There are some grey-area ones (mainly from the 1940s and 1950s) - and I'm always on the lookout for replacements. I have in the past been contacted by copyright owners. The one occasion comes to mind was more a case of attribution - they were very reasonable and fine with my using the image, I'd just attributed it to the wrong person.

Yes wagons would be great but at this point in time it is going to have to wait. Due to daycare/etc I have limited time for my business (essentially working part time) let alone adding new pages or modelling.