Welcome to the Suggestion Box

This forum is for suggestions and discussion about this site. What would you like to see?

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Welcome to the Suggestion Box

Post by richard »

Welcome to the Suggestion Box!

This forum is for two things:

1.) So that readers can make suggestions as to what they'd like to see. This can be everything from topics through to formatting,etc.

2.) For me to ask readers about specific changes that I am considering.

The usual rules apply: no abuse, keep it clean, be friendly, and assume that kids are reading. Also try to make sure that any criticism is constructive! :-)

Writing this in January 2006, I should warn readers that even if I like a suggestion it may take me many months to implement it! The current priority is to finish the locomotive pages. When these are completed, I will have a look at the layout, navigation,etc of the site as a whole.
Richard Marsden
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