A Book Review Section?

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A Book Review Section?

Post by richard » Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:47 pm

Bill Donald has suggest I make a book review section:

forthcoming-book-lner-handbook-t4301.ht ... &sk=t&sd=a

This makes some sense, although as always I'm mindful of creating too many sections. This divides discussion, and some sections drift off the top of forum front page (eg. this one).

Also, what would a suitable area of interest be? LNER and Constituents would be an obvious starting point. The book Bill was talking about was a railway book, but not an LNER one.
What about NER colliery books? They would have interest to some readers? But I doubt East Anglian farming practices have quite the same appeal, yet both provided important traffic and definied their respective areas.

So at the moment I'm thinking I could add one in "Non-LNER Chat" and let be for books that may be of interest. Something like a computer book probably isn't of interest, but a book on the Mersey electrics, collieries around Newcastle, or even a biography of the Wolf of Badenoch might?
Of course the downside is that it would be under "Non-LNER" but would probably include quite a few LNER book reviews. And I really don't want to add two book review sections.

Richard Marsden
LNER Encyclopedia

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