V2 4200 gal group standard tenders

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Re: V2 4200 gal group standard tenders

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I have a question regarding the tender footplate arrangement level where the tender is fitted to the loco. I'm building a 7mm fine scale model from a Martin Finney kit. The instructions say "Either fit the raised footplate support (T34) and the raised footplate (L11) or the fall plate (L12) and fall plate hinges (T35)".

My question is for which classes of locomotive did the tender footplate have a fall plate? D49, K3, J39, B1, B17 or K4? I'm assuming it was not fitted to GS tenders with V2s.

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Re: V2 4200 gal group standard tenders

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A quick message to Richard Spoors....

I have been unable to send replies to your PM.. mine replies keep lay dormant in the outbox or disappearing altogether.

I have the drawing and have photographed it again as I cant find the original photographs. Can you please send me a PM with your email address and i will WeTransfer the photographs as the files are too large for the PM system or my email.

Kind regards
Steve White

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