Duncharris Re:Anyone recognise this?

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Duncharris Re:Anyone recognise this?

Post by x568wcn » Sat Dec 31, 2005 12:13 am

Thought I'd start a new post, to make it easier. As I'm new to the forum, I'm looking back through, and have come across a posting by Duncharris about a photo of Flying Scotsman.
Now, I got a Porcelain Tankard and some Signal Socks for Christmas from a popular UK shop, Marks and Spencer, made for them, as their name is on the bottom of the mug. Anyway, the picture on it looks Very Very Similar to the photo, only you get more of it, and I have now thrown the box away, which said about the painting on the back, but It is by Barry G Price, and I have found part of the picture on Ebay, it looks exactly the same, only you get the whole train of 9 coaches stretching under a bridge with at least 2 arches, with scotsman going under the 2nd one, with possibly a 3rd out of view on the other side.
I will endeavour to see if they still sell it as it isn't on their website.

Hope this sort of helps, it gets us somewhere though!

it even has the driver poking out of the cab!

Mark t
Is this....
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