North Eastern Railway Q2 loco coal wagon

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North Eastern Railway Q2 loco coal wagon

Post by Rlangham » Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:44 pm

Was flicking through the NERA's pictorial volume on the NER last night and came across a view of Whitby shed, with two Q2 (introduced 1906) loco coal wagon, with two cupboard style doors on each side. Apart from the end stanchions, dropping below the chassis to make hanging buffers for compatibility with chaldrons, they look to be identical to the LNER loco coal wagons as made in a kit in various scales by Parkside Dundas. Can anyone confirm if this is the case or is there a difference in plank height etc? Aside from the distant view I can't find any other views of the Q2 coal wagon
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Re: North Eastern Railway Q2 loco coal wagon

Post by Darryl Tooley » Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:23 pm

Consulting the relevant volumes of Peter Tatlow's volumes on LNER wagons shows numerous differences between Q2 and the two LNER wooden-bodied loco coal wagon diagrams (dias 44 & 77). Aside from differences in the strapping, brake gear, etc, etc, the NER vehicle is about a foot taller and eighteen inches shorter than the LNER diagrams, both of which had 8-plank sides.


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