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60004 and its box van tender

Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:34 am
by kingfisher24
Most know that 60004's tender (previously coupled to 60700 the W1) was "gifted" to 60009 at Ferryhill in mid 1966, and 60009's tender was gifted to 4472. This as all will realise left 60004 sans tender.....not a problem most people would think, as the loco was withdrawn. However, in order to tow a loco to the scrap yard via the main line, it needs drawgear front and rear, in case of assistance etc. Indeed the various operating appendices of BR actually prohibit moves from taking place where drawgear is not available, unless the move is very short.
60004 was moved from Ferryhill to Motherwell Machinery and Scrap in late 1966, a move of some 130 miles. Another tender wasn't found, but an old scrap box van was, and this was coupled to 60004's drawbar by the ingenious Ferryhill fitters. Railway Observer notes the ensemble being seen in MM&S yard prior to cutting commencing. I have searched for photos of the duo, either in the scrapyard at Motherwell or en-route....anyone know of any please?