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B17 GE Tender pictures

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:48 pm
by silverfox
Unless it is hiding in plain sight, I am finding it nigh impossible to get a picture of the front of a B17 GE tender.
I have got, a lot of info by visiting the NNR and photgraphing the B12 version, but from some of the info i have small copies of Works GA and the Weigh book, which does not give enough details of Handbrake and water scoop handles, that the B17 wax slighty different.
The GERS has drawings, esp of the axleboxes and horns which have been of great help in getting them to look right,but not of the bits i need.

Sometime ago i did try the NRM without any success. Any other place i might be able to contact. Surely someone took and official pic somewhere?