Did A4s work into Marylebone in WW"

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Did A4s work into Marylebone in WW"

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Seen a short clip of 4493 in black and NE on tender working into a terminal station. It isn't KX but looks like Marylebone. as another part of the same film is at Liverpool St i guess it was all soht in London Which is the reason for the question
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Re: Did A4s work into Marylebone in WW"

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Yes. That was on a Facebook group. I added the film clip and guessed at Kings Cross because I couldn't think of anywhere else with was likely; but I never considered Marylebone. Now you have mentioned it, that does seem the most probable.

Here is a screen grab from the video, but it is difficult to scale while remaining within the bandwidth restrictions for images.

Hopefully, someone can make a positive identification.
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