B17 4-6-0's streamlined?

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B17 4-6-0's streamlined?

Post by jdtoronto » Mon Dec 05, 2005 9:19 pm

Hi all,

Today I have received a copy of "LNER 4-6-0's" by R.P.Bradley.

On the contents page I see a photo of a Gresley B17, No. 2870, in streamlined rig looking a lot like an A4! Now, I wasn't aware that any other of the British locos appeared in that style. In this photo it has valances and to be honest it looks very smart!

Then I look at the locomotives pages here for the B17s and I see a scanned from screened photo of one also streamlined but what I would describe as without valances.

According to Bradley, No 2859 and 2870 were streamlined in September 1937. Does anyone know why? Given that the photos I see are very different, is it likely that the one shown in the lcocomotives section here is No 2859?



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Post by richard » Mon Dec 05, 2005 10:17 pm

If you hover your mouse over the photo (in fact most/all photos on this site), you should get a caption. This may not work on all browsers, but should work on Firefox and Internet Explorer. This saves me some time finding the photo: it is of No.1670 'City of London'. The number mismatch is due to the 1946 numbering, ie. No. 1670 was originally No. 2870...
In September 1937, Nos. 2859-70 were given A4-style steamlining for working the "East Anglian" service from Liverpool Street to Norwich. These B17s would be given the classification B17/5. This streamlining was for show only, and served no practical purpose at typical B17 speeds. Also, the streamlining actually fitted over the existing boiler cloth plates, so avoiding damage to the lagging around the barrel. The streamlined appearance was enhanced by fitting side sheets to the tenders. Also, as with the A4s, chime whistles were fitted. The streamlined cladding was removed in April 1951.
I didn't know about the valences. Just looked them up and the RCTS book says the chime whistles and valences were both removed as wartime measures. (the A4s also lost their valences)

A total of four locomotive types carried A4-style streamlining at one time or another. The A4s of course. Two of the B17s. These received streamlining for PR reasons. Four of the P2s received A4-style streamlining. The first two: "Cock o'the North" and "Earl Marischal" had a very distinctive smoke deflector styling instead. And last but not least, the W1 "Hush-Hush" received A4-streamlining when it was rebuilt with a conventional steam boiler.

Richard Marsden
LNER Encyclopedia

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