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Tom Quayle
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Mainline locos

Post by Tom Quayle » Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:21 am

As a follow up to a post titled 'a dream of steam' I had an idea hows about complieing a list of all mainline worthey locomotives and lets see what gaps we get.
As far as worthy go there are 2 definates for me but as you know i am a heavy freight buff.
O4 63601 (currently on the GCR owned by NRM)
Q6 (currently at NYMR I think owned by NELPG)
But there are others.
for example
A2 Blue Peter (awaiting overhaul)
A4s 60007 (nearing end of overhaul at grosmont, will do a full season on NYMR before any mainline work is taken) and 4468 (Currently 'dead' in the NRM but appears sound looks like it needs the firebox stays replacing and a retube but thats it) alot less work for 4468 than that joke of an appeal engine 46229 that is getting rapped in tin and loosing its exelant appearance when a loco looks that good you dont want to cover it up.
'Sorry got on my hobby horse agian'.
other locos are nearing the end of overhaul or are being repaired (including 2 A4s, bittern and 60007, K1 62005 and K4 the great marqurse)
A replacement is needed in the large loco stake with the overhaul of (in its current condition and after the overhaul) 60103 flying scotsman. Looks like that could be bittern. B1 61264 is also nearing the end of its ticket

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Post by richard » Wed Dec 07, 2005 2:33 pm

As well as the Q6, there's a Q7 - also being looked after by the NELPG (is it NRM-owned??).

One of the many 8Fs is ex-LNER.

D49 Morayshire
A second Thompson B1
Peppercorn A1 Tornado - nearing completion (boiler on order!)
V2 Green Arrow
D11 'Improved Director' Butler Henderson - static condition
Two Ivatt Atlantics (LNER C1 and C2) - static condition
The NER D17 (NRM static)
The B12

A number 0-6-0 tender locos survive - do they count as mainline?
Richard Marsden
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Post by Matt » Wed Dec 07, 2005 3:04 pm

Don't forget 60009, as for 4468 it ain't gonna happen. Its the NRM's biggest static exibit, probably with more pulling power to the museum than any other loco.

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Post by Rlangham » Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:17 pm

Yep the Q7 is NRM owned, under the custody of NELPG though. Wouldn't rule out the two express 2-4-0's in Darlington Railway Museum, maybe they could become mainline worthy after a thorough overhaul

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