New LNER colour photos

Post your photographs of the LNER and its Constituents here! Links to film/video are also welcome.

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New LNER colour photos

Post by neildimmer »

I have added over 20 new colour photos of LNER locos
Including A3 60075 St. Frusquin in blue livery unknown location
Gresley A4’s
Gresley A3
Gresley V2
Thompson Pacifics
Peppercorn Pacifics

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Re: New LNER colour photos

Post by 2392 »

I would like to differ with regards to your second offering Neil. Whilst yes it's an A4 in the foreground, looking at the two carriages in the background, they look [to me] like a pair of Tyneside Electric units. Which in turn would place the photo at the East End of Newcastle Central, rather than Edinburgh Waverley.

Moving on, I'm glad to see you and your offerings here and elsewhere, after your recent bereavement.... :wink:
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Re: New LNER colour photos

Post by Danby Wiske »

Definitely Newcastle. This is a well-known Colour Rail shot (reference NE5, dated Aug-47, photographer HJ). Available to buy from their website...
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Re: New LNER colour photos

Post by DOCJACOB »

Unknown 60019 in deep cutting with signal on left is on the line up to Forth Rail Bridge just past Inverkeithing
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Re: New LNER colour photos

Post by strang steel »


Such wonderful photos. The one of 60144 on an ECS service appears to be at Grantham, and the presence of E50035 at the Nottingham platform tend to confirm my initial thoughts.
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Re: New LNER colour photos

Post by colinh58 »

Photo 324 of 60160 is passing Tay Bridge South signal box -Wormit station building in front of loco.
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Re: New LNER colour photos

Post by Kylchap »

60523 TUDOR MINSTREL Square tower in background looks like DUNDEE also D2714 was at DUNDEE from 09/57to 04/66
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