The photography of L Perrin

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Re: The photography of L Perrin

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Now for another fine B17 photograph. They must have been frequent visitors to Boston in the mid 1950s as Mr Perrin's collection included a fair number of them. This is No 61641 'Gayton Hall' in the Spring of 1957 at the head of a local train travelling south. It had been a March resident since 1952 and remained in service until January 1960.

61641 Boston '57.jpg

Here is a personal favourite of mine from the Perrin archive. It was taken at Barkston South where the line to Lincoln branches off from the ECML. No 60013 'Dominion of New Zealand' is seen carefully approaching the junction from the south, entering the diversionary route on 27th May 1956. The train is obviously travelling very slowly which has enabled Les Perrin to fill the viewfinder. The unique whistle attached to this engine can clearly be seen as being quite different from the Crosby design fitted to most of the other A4s. When No 60013 was withdrawn the whistle was sent to the Festiniog Railway for use on one of their engines, but before it could be fitted, it was stolen from their workshops and has never been seen since. The same fate befell No 60010's also unique whistle.

60013 Barkston 27th May 1956.jpg

Edinburgh seemed to be a regular haunt in the late 1950s as Perrin pictures taken there are known to exist for July 1958 and July 1959. Here is a northbound ordinary passenger train departing Haymarket station on 11th July 1959 behind Peppercorn A2 No 60534 'Irish Elegance'. It will have left Waverley at about 2.35pm -can any well-informed member of the Forum identify this train? The attractive platform clock has long since disappeared, I can vouch for that.

60534 H'mkt Stn 110759.jpg
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Re: The photography of L Perrin

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Stoke Bank was another regular location for visits by Les Perrin. Both ends of Stoke Tunnel were visited and here is a view of a northbound express coasting downhill towards Grantham on 29th June 1961 with A4 No 60025 'Falcon' in charge. The tunnel mouth stonework looks to be in a rather decrepit condition.

60025 Stoke Tunnel 290661.jpg

Recently fitted with a double chimney No 60073 'St Gatien' has just arrived at Grantham with an up express on 6th December 1958. The nearside lamp has already been removed to the back of the tender and the A3 will be replaced by a fresh engine for the onward trip to Kings Cross. It was rare to see Tyneside A3s in the metropolis on passenger trains.

60073  Grantham 061258.jpg

Another from the bag of 20th August 1960 when Les Perrin apparently spent much of the day at Saltersford. Kings Cross V2 No 60814 in customary immaculate condition coasts downhill with a northbound passenger train.

60814 Saltersford 200860.jpg

I have one final selection to show you in a few weeks time.
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Re: The photography of L Perrin

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Just a note of thanks for sharing. Lovely photos. Smart locos. Cheers :D :D
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Re: The photography of L Perrin

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Up trains taken from the down platform at Peterborough were a constant source of interesting photographs and many from the Perrin camera were taken at this location. The down home signal located on the platform, originally a GNR somersault was later replaced by an NER lower quadrant as seen here which was finally (c.1960) changed to upper quadrant before colour light signalling swept all semaphores aside.

60110 P'boro 260458.jpg

No 60110 'Robert the Devil' arrives with a semi-fast to London on 28th April 1958. Still with a single chimney which was altered to double in May '59, this was the only A1/A3 which stayed coupled to the same tender throughout its entire existence, (I expect you knew that already).

Sunday services diverted through Lincoln approached Barkston from the south at slow speed and the driver of No 60083 'Sir Hugo' has shut off steam, with a smokey haze obscuring much of the train in May 1956. Heaton kept its pacifics in better external condition than Gateshead did in those days but this one seems to be in dire need of a clean -which it maybe never got before its next 'General' in November 1956.

60083 Barkston 0556.jpg

In the 1950s Boston had a sizeable allocation of K2s -a dozen or more at any one time, which seemed to be used on excursions and local passenger work. Here is a lovely view of an immaculate No 61760 leaving Boston on a Cleethorpes excursion in 1953. This engine had a somewhat nomadic existence working from 9 different sheds since the Grouping but its longest spell was at Boston from 1946-1955.

61760 Boston '53.jpg

I have acquired three more superb Perrin shots for a final display in a few weeks time.
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Re: The photography of L Perrin

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I have only discovered this thread - shame on me - but as someone who grew up only a few miles from Boston it is great to find another photographer who was taking pictures of the area.

Thank you for sharing them.
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Re: The photography of L Perrin

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Good action pictures of the W1 4-6-4 from any source are few in number but the Perrin Collection included at least three, this being one. No 60700 is passing High Dyke with an express from Leeds in 1955, and is about to enter Stoke Tunnel. When the engine was transferred to Doncaster shed from Kings Cross in October 1953, grubby external condition soon became the norm, as seen here, but at least somebody has lightly rubbed the cabside number with an oily rag.

60700 High Dyke 0355 .jpg

It's always nice to be reminded that there is a crew on the engine footplate of a moving train by the presence of a face at the cab window.

On 1st September 1955 while working a Kings Cross-Doncaster train, the front bogie frame fractured, badly derailing No 60700 just north of Peterborough. This photograph will have been taken before that event as the locomotive remained out of action until mid December when it was next released to traffic following a General overhaul. Lack of leaves on the tree above and to the right of the chimney would suggest early Spring 1955 for this photograph.

Are there are carriage experts out there who can identify the very clean second coach in this train?

Now to another streamliner but this time A4, No 60022 'Mallard' cautiously entering Peterborough with the down 'Northumbrian' on New Years Eve 1955. The train had left Kings Cross at 12.18pm, so the low sun at this time of the year will still be offering enough light by the time the photographer is reached -but not for much longer.

60022 Peterbprough 311255.jpg

A relatively lowly LNER named train for the famous 'Mallard' to be working, it passes slowly through Peterborough but will stop at Grantham, York, Darlington and even Durham before reaching Newcastle, by which time on this day it will be quite dark. Contemporary photographs show that 'Mallard' seems to have been a regular performer on the 'Northumbrian' at around this time.

Five years later on Easter Saturday 1960, an untypically clean Gateshead A1, No 60129 'Guy Mannering' is observed at the south end of Grantham station, possibly about to be relieved by a fresh engine to take the train on to London.

60129 Grantham 160460.jpg

Rivet counting model builders have an good subject to examine here, this A1 being the last of the early batch of Doncaster built locomotives. The Darlington A1s from No 60130 onward sported flush sided tenders, with not a rivet head to be seen. What's interesting is that the location of rivets completely avoids the BR crest including the obvious place where a rivet head would be in the word 'Railways'. A matter of chance? I think not. Your views

I have searched the usual hosting websites and my own extensive LNER Library for similar rear tender view shots of A1s and made the discovery that such shots are RARE but I did find one of No 60114 which confirms the rivet pattern in the later 1950/60s.

60114 Darlington 250960.jpg

Regarding the earlier 'Cycling Lion' emblem, I have seen one or two pictures of Doncaster built A1s which are of lesser quality but give the impression the the transfer was certainly affected by rivet heads poking through it. I'm still searching for a really good one though to confirm this.

More superb samples from the Les Perrin Archive coming at the end of the month
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Re: The photography of L Perrin

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Hi there,

Les Perrin was - I believe - a professional artist. What I certainly know is that my Dad commissioned three (oil) paintings from him, all of which still adorn his railway room to this day.
This is a snapshot of one of them - it just happened to be in the corner of a photo I took of the room - it wasn't taken to show the painting!

I'm going to my Dad's on Wednesday so I'll try and find out a bit more. And I'll take some decent shots of the paintings!
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