new collection of 1960's colour photos of LNER locos

Post your photographs of the LNER and its Constituents here! Links to film/video are also welcome.

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new collection of 1960's colour photos of LNER locos

Post by neildimmer » Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:17 am

I have added a large quantity of new colour photos of LNER locos taken in the 1960’s

60066 Merry Hampton in blue livery unknown location Gresley A3 ... /i-Q8MHpcK
60056 Centenary unknown location Gresley A3 ... /i-7Qwtwx3
4472 Flying Scotsman Elmton and Cresswell S.B. Flying Scotsman Enterprises No.1 Mystery Tour 22nd February 1969 ... /i-QwJxNhd
60154 Bon Accord running light engine unknown location Peppercorn A1 ... /i-SKKDtW4
60501 Cock O' The North unknown location Thompson A2-2 ... /i-fRTX4q9
60527 Sun Chariot unknown location Peppercorn A2 ... /i-b9wTZLb
61508 Kittybrewster Holden B12-4 ... /i-p2NV4gG
62041 Darlington c1964 Peppercorn K1 ... /i-cW3ddK6
63346 unknown location Raven Q6 ... /i-znb35TF
63455 with blue number plate unknown location Raven Q6 ... /i-nmPNMgB
63773 unknown location Thompson 01 rebuild of Robinson 04 class ... /i-w4zDkp4
65455 (r) and 3 other locos in unknown roundhouse Raven Q6 ... /i-SNFSKGh
65802 unknown location W.Worsdell J27 ... /i-v4xNSZd
65872 looking forlorn with 3 other locos and a tender unknown location W.Worsdell J27 ... /i-G4gxVV9


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