Robinson ROD Class 04 2-8-0 as GWR 3000 Class

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Robinson ROD Class 04 2-8-0 as GWR 3000 Class

Post by neildimmer » Thu Dec 26, 2019 9:27 am

The Great Western Railway bought 20 in 1919. They were almost new. They became the 3000 class and were numbered 3000 to 3019. They bought a further 80 in 1925, some of these they had already used on loan. In 1926/7 the GWR sorted through these and numbered the best thirty 3020 to 3049. They gave them a full overhaul at Swindon. The remaining 50 locomotives were given a light overhaul and were run until they failed and were withdrawn and scrapped. By 1930 they had all gone although some swapping of numbers had taken took place when “good” locomotives failed. Withdrawals had started in 1927 but around 45 of these locomotives were transferred to BR ownership in 1948. By 1957 only 5 locomotives Nos. 3011, 3015, 3024, 3036 and 3041 were left, the final 3 being withdrawn in 1958.
Robinson GCR design (LNER Class O4). Built from 1917 for Railway Operating Division, RE. Purchased by GWR from 1919 and subsequently equipped with GWR boiler fittings

Collection of over 30 photos starts here with

3007 Bristol St. Philips Marsh c1936 ... /i-P7QMn5j


3011 & 7244 Duffryn yard 15th December 1957 ... /i-89MRTh6


3023 Pontypool Road ... /i-Nn86M5s


3038 at Reading ... /i-kKZx3Rb


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Re: Robinson ROD Class 04 2-8-0 as GWR 3000 Class

Post by Pyewipe Junction » Sun Dec 29, 2019 6:43 am

Apparently the RODs were very well-liked by GW drivers (and why not) as strong, good-riding and reliable locos. I always wondered why the GW increased the boiler pressure by 5psi.

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