B1 & K1 photos past & present

Post your photographs of the LNER and its Constituents here! Links to film/video are also welcome.

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B1 & K1 photos past & present

Post by neildimmer » Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:50 pm

Hi All

Another collection of LNER photos from the cameras of Tony Gillet, Adrian Bradshaw & myself, this time B1's & K1's
First off the B1's
61011 Waterbuck Southport 31/7/62 (Tony Gillett)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 04404.html
61015 Duiker Lostock Hall 22/3/62 (Tony Gillett)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 04408.html
61056 meets its end at Ince C & W works Wigan 16/7/65 (Tony Gillett)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 04398.html
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 08309.html
61121 Blackpool 25/6/61 (Tony Gillett)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 08306.html
61154 Dringhouses York 29/10/60 (Tony Gillett)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 04401.html
61195 Doncaster Plant 16/7/61 (Tony Gillett)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 08308.html
61306 Carnforth 22/6/68 (Tony Gillett)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 04403.html
(6)1306 Mayflower York 12/6/77 (Neil Dimmer)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 42981.html
61378 & 60009 Union of South Africa Doncaster Plant 16/7/61 (Tony Gilett)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 04402.html

Now onto the K1's

62022 shines amid the grime of Doncaster shed 7/9/63 (Tony Gillett)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 08307.html
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 04409.html
62005 Lord of the Isles (Neil Dimmer)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 42947.html
62005 Lord of the Isles on the Pendle Witch Preston 27/3/04 (Adrian Bradshaw)
http://www.steamlocomotives.photos.gb.n ... 42946.html


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Re: B1 & K1 photos past & present

Post by berwickspotter » Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:09 pm

great pictures neil and also great to hook up with you on this forum

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Re: B1 & K1 photos past & present

Post by 52D » Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:20 pm

Tweedmouths B1s/K1s were only that clean after overhaul and the last rites Alnmouth - Alnwick still i have a soft spot for both classes. Perhaps BR would have been better off with a few more K1s than some of thier own 2-6-0s. I wonder how many the LNER would have built if it had'nt been for nationalisation.
Hi interested in the area served by 52D. also researching colliery wagonways from same area.

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Re: B1 & K1 photos past & present

Post by 60041 » Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:29 pm

I know a couple of the men who worked the K1s at Alnmouth, and they preferred them to the Ivatt 2-6-0's that they sometimes had. 62011 was considered the best and always steamed well, while 62022 was thought to be a bit sluggish.

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Re: B1 & K1 photos past & present

Post by stembok » Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:16 am

The Ivatt Class 4s (clodhoppers)were not particularly well liked in the North East, even allowing for anti -LMS bias. Perhaps they were not as bad as made out, but I remember one driver summing them up with the words, "It's better than walking and that's about all that can be said for it!". The Ivatt Class 2s, by contrast seemed to be better thought of.

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Re: B1 & K1 photos past & present

Post by richard » Wed Apr 22, 2009 1:21 pm

STEMBOK: Your email address continues to bounce notification emails from the lner.info website. Please fix this asap - thanks.

Richard Marsden
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