LNER Clock - History & Help please.

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LNER Clock - History & Help please.

Post by Walden House » Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:37 pm

Hello all.
My Brother-in-Law is seeking information and photographs about clocks as described below.
Photograph of the dial attached.
Hope someone can help?
Grateful Thanks,
East Yorks.

The saloon clock would have been fastened to the end partition wall of a carriage, any photographs would be helpful. A clock similar to mine is actually illustrated in a book by Ian Lyman called Railway Clocks pg 203 as a Pullman Car 8 Day clock from no 14 Car (Third Class). Date about 1937. But mine has been altered by LNER to give it a new lease of life, and used somewhere else? Clocks were recycled like this with all railway companies. Other data on this clock from York Museum is :
Doncaster 8 Day Station Clock. Oakleigh Park Electric 1163 Saloon Clock. GN Mantle Clock. So the clock has had a varied life and ended up in a garage in Duffield Derbyshire with only the dial and movement before I got it. The photo shows the dial before re painting 6 3/8 " diameter ( 7 3/4 " dia on the outside of the bezel ) . I think it would have been fitted with a brass bezel surround and fitted either in a oblong case if it was a Mantle Clock or round wood case if it were a wall clock.
Clock face Rob.jpg

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