Unidentified Locations

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Re: Unidentified Locations

Post by kudu » Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:11 pm

52A wrote:Another interesting aside...what is the correct spelling of Greensfield? I have seen it spelt both with and without the e in the middle, railway publications all show without the e.
There seem to be three different spellings around - see the thread "Gateshead Works Paint Shop Roundhouse" in the general LNER section for more.


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Re: Unidentified Locations

Post by Jades » Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:07 pm

Bryan wrote:I am trying to identify 2 photos.
One shows 2 ploughs alongside a turntable, ploughs labelled as Blyth. Is this correct?
The other photo shows steel bodied plough with I think a J21 and a tentative engine ID of 1565 / 65092.
I am led to believe that although both this engine and the ploughs were allocated to Kirby Stephen the photo location is not KS.
So where is it?
Could it be Darlington, Bishop Auckland or somewhere else, possibly servicing after a run?
I'm pretty sure it isn't no. 1565 - the one in your photo doesn't have any train braking equipment visible whereas 1565 had Westinghouse brake at grouping, had vacuum brake fitted in 1930, and the Westinghouse replaced with stream brake in 1946 with vacuum brake retained. The one in your photo is almost certainly steam-brake only (no brake rodding in front of drivers). Number on loco cab suggests a date after 1928.

I think Rambler's suggestion of it being J25 no. 1966 is probably correct. That engine remained steam brake only for its entire career, which would fit with my analysis above. Shed details below from Yeadon's 47b:-

Kirkby Stephen
Darlington 1/11/35
South Blyth 25/4/39

Condemned 30/5/42
Cut up at Darlington


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