A3 gets clean away from Grantham...

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Re: A3 gets clean away from Grantham...

Post by Flamingo » Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:19 pm

The Hotpoint company still exists and as it was obviously quite a notable event at the time they might have something in their archives. Perhaps worth a try to contact them?http://www.hotpoint.co.uk/hotpoint/

On the other hand, they might just have junked stuff that old.

My grandfather worked for a firm that printed high value items like banknotes, postal orders etc. After he died I found out about a fascinating wartime railway anecdote in which he was involved, concerning a bullion consignment that nearly went missing. He never once mentioned this to me during his lifetime though he knew full well that I was interested in railways. I wrote to the company, twice in fact and both times with s.a.e. for them to reply, but they never even acknowledged my letters. .

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Re: A3 gets clean away from Grantham...

Post by stembok » Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:06 pm

Indeed Flamingo! My father worked for ICI in the north east and in the spring many empty railway box vans would arrive daily for the peak fertiliser traffic. One day a van arrived and on the door being opened it was seen that inside were full sacks. On investigation these turned out to be full of newly minted sixpences! Works security was quickly on the scene to be followed by the police and later some 'official looking' gentlemen who seemed somewhat embarassed by events.

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