ROD 2-8-0s (LNER O4s)

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ROD 2-8-0s (LNER O4s)

Post by Flamingo » Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:22 pm

Does anyone know of photographs of ROD 2-8-0s during the periods while they were in store at various places prior to their purchase by the LNER? I think this is a fascinating untold piece of locmotive history which deserves to be better known.

In 1918-19 some engines went into store straight from their builders because by that time the war was nearly over and they weren't needed overseas. Immingham was one such place where they were stored at that time but I've never seen any pictures. The only photographs I know of were of RODs after they returned from France and went into store at Tattenham Corner temporarily before they were hired out to main line railways between 1919 and 1921. Then after they were recalled by the Government they were put back into store and concentrated at a few very large dumps such as Sandycroft (a.k.a. Queensferry) near Chester and Gretna. Both these places each held a hundred or more RODs but again I've never seen any pictures. Eventually most were bought by the LNER, LMS and GWR and others were exported to China and Australia.

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