Flying Scotsman at Newstead Colliery

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Flying Scotsman at Newstead Colliery

Post by adge » Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:41 am

There is I understand a 'famous' photograph of 103 - presumably in its Leicester Central days - hauling a coal train out of Newstead Colliery. Has anybody actually seen this photograph ( or the actuality) or is it one of those myths. (Like one I recall from years ago - the Haymarket A4 on a diverted 'Queen of Scots' pullman in the early hours at Nottingham Victoria).
One of the spotting myths once told to me has proved to be fact. Back in 1965 a pal of mine said that he'd seen the unnamed Brit shunting New Basford yard. Nobody believed him. But lo and behold the other day I turned the pages of Railways North of Nottingham and there it was - photographic proof!

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Re: Flying Scotsman at Newstead Colliery

Post by rob237 » Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:09 pm

To which you might add Fort William's K1/1 61997 MacCailin Mor on Colwick shed, having worked the early morning Doncaster-Colwick freight via ECML, Newark, Cotham, Kilvington, Bingham & Rectory Jct.

Robt P.

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