EM1 [26xxx became Cl.76]

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Keith Till
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EM1 [26xxx became Cl.76]

Post by Keith Till » Fri Feb 11, 2011 10:36 pm

I attach four images of EM1's taken at Crewe Works in 1966. Obviously they had to be dragged from the 1500v DC system as it would have been interesting seeing what happened if the pan was raised under 25KV wires. I wonder if it is an urban legend or if anybody can provide proof that an EM2 which should have been directed to the LNER side of Manchester London Road [now Piccadilly] was during a shunting move directed on to the LMS side with a resulting big flashover?

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Keith Till.
26018 at Crewe Works c 1966.jpg
26021 at Crewe Works c 1966.jpg
26036 at Crewe Works c 1966.jpg
26051 at Crewe Works c 1966.jpg

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