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Re: Benwick branch, GE section

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becasse wrote: Wed Sep 15, 2021 3:46 pm It is worth remembering that railway companies always tried to maximise mileage earnings by keeping traffic on their network so far as was practicable. That would have set traffic patterns in GER days and, unless there was very good reason to do otherwise, the fact that the GNR and GER were under common ownership in LNER days would have done little to change things.
Very true, and the GER was the arable crop specialist operation within the Southern LNER area, so had the facilities and expertise to support this traffic: thus the famous label of 'The Swedey'...

(I was looking for a good excuse to run any of J17/19/20 on the ECML to KX goods in the last decade of steam operation on ER...)
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