LNERCA Train set for Esk Valley use.

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LNERCA Train set for Esk Valley use.

Post by sawdust » Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:17 pm

This is now in the public domain.
The application by the NYMR on the LNERCA's behalf to seek a derogation to allow the LNER set to run to Whitby and also on the Esk Valley to Battersby has been granted by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR). The LNERCA is pleased to acknowledge the efforts of Head of Traction and Rolling Stock, Phil Crawshaw and Traction & Rolling Stock Manager, Ian Foot for their efforts in dealing with the protracted negotiations.
The carriages involved are TTO 23956, TTO 56856, RB 641, BTO 43567, BTK 3669, RF 43654 and GNR saloon 3087. It will be some time before all these carriages are brought up to the standards required and saloon 3087 is likely to be the first to be completed, thus enabling charter bookings to and from Whitby to be accepted.
There is one omission from the listing, that of Thompson TK 1623. It is understood that this is being treated differently from the others in that it is steel-panelled and is thus being regarded as a ‘Mk.1’ type vehicle. Registration is anticipated in due course.
The derogation is a major achievement and milestone as, hitherto, unless there were ‘grandfather rights’, it was Network Rail’s policy to preclude wooden-bodied vehicles from running on the national system. In recent times, there had been exceptions, eg, the GWR steam Railmotor No.93.
There are several caveats to the derogation, including limited to 25mph. The NYMR will now plan the work necessary for the full registration to be achieved.
I found out on Tuesday Morning, when I popped into the C&W office but was asked not to publicise it yet.

Don't expect to see them in Whitby this year however as the engineering acceptance will require various amounts of work on the carriages.
1623 (when it has gone through the process) and 3669 should be almost ready to go out of the box, while 641 after more than twenty years of NYMR service will require some quite major work on the underframe.


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Re: LNERCA Train set for Esk Valley use.

Post by Dave » Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:24 am

Now that is wonderful news.

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