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STEAM today

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Sad to see tonight that A1 Trust Tornado on Saturday 4th May is now joining the Yns Mon tour at Crewe rather than Leicester as originally advertised. This was obvious from checking the Realtime Trains site a couple of days ago
Don’t get me wrong, Crewe to Holyhead is a decent day out behind the 8P but why oh why advertise it from Leicester in the first place?
I can’t help but feel that sometimes some of these planned itineraries often reek of sharp practise; thankfully I haven’t booked on this one but last- minute adjustments seem to be prevalent nowadays
And of course the A1 Trust website and their booking agents UK Railtours currently make no mention of any amended itinerary
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Re: STEAM today

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Tornado was never due to haul this tour from Leicester. The plan has always to start with a diesel and have Tornado drop on further up

This is the 3rd attempt to run the tour, and the most popular one promoted by the trust itself

The original advertising did state the planned itinary, but looks like with the two postponments that has been missed off

I wish I was on board this one, but not to be this year


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