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Re: New article: Kings Cross Station

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:37 am
by StevieG
StevieG wrote: Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:15 am A considerable time ago, I recall following some writings somewhere (The GNR Society's Newsletter perhaps?) much contributed to by Peter Kay, about attempting to identify the site of Maiden Lane station in the latter day huge Kings Cross Goods Yard.

I think it went something like :
Ended up without a 100% conclusive answer, but that a row of columns with right period-style decorative ironwork between their tops, which constituted the side of some long roofing of one of the easterly trainshed-like canopies (supported the east side edge of the Potato Market trainshed, I think) 'up the Goods Yard', very strongly resembled those depicted in engravings as supporting the west side roof line of the 'temporary' Maiden Lane terminus.

Haven't been anywhere in the yard (or what of it that may still be recognisable) for years now, and although I think I recall the shed in question (years before reading about its possible origins), and that it probably still stood until perhaps 20 years ago, but I rather suspect that the whole thing will since have been flattened.
Very pleased to report that, as seen during a recent walk round the modernised and now publicly accessible areas of the renovated and changed-use historic buildings of the KX Goods Yard, off Goods Way, the above-mentioned row of columns and connecting decorative ironwork believed to be part of the temporary 1850 Maiden Lane passenger terminus, do survive. They are along the eastern side of one of the retained shed buildings, now a Marks & Spencer food shop, and are actually just inside the glazed East side of the shop, and so have protection from the elements.