Hornby W1 10000/60700

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Re: Hornby W1 10000/60700

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Re: Hornby W1 10000/60700

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NZRedBaron wrote: Sun Jan 02, 2022 12:05 am So, by the sounds of it, the 'Hush Hush' model has more than a few quality control problems, yeah?

How about the A4-styled rebuilt version? Is that any better?
Not having seen the 'Hush-hush' water tube boiler model I cannot make a direct comparison; but now in possession of the BR late crest 'conventional' W1, I am overall satisfied. Runs sweetly, pulls well, looks and measures well. The tweaking various has commenced, and having tried it with the alternative flanged rear carrying wheelsets, no adjustment is required to get around a 30" radius: an unexpected surprise after the carving required to achieve the same on the Hornby A3/A4.
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