Oxford Rail LNER Cattle Wagon . Rebuilding guide.

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Re: Oxford Rail LNER Cattle Wagon . Rebuilding guide.

Post by adrianbs » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:47 pm

Hi Folks Glad you managed to sort out some of the erroneous statements without my intervention. It is a pity so few people take the trouble to check their facts before putting finger to keyboard, wastes an awful lot of topic space. I totally disagree about the Hornby Radial being the same quality as the Oxford model. The latter even has versions with the wrong lining and colour if you take the trouble to read the definitive works covering the locos. Oxford's Tim Mulhall (Now with Hornby !! ) actually makes claims about the Radial in his Youtube video which are demonstrably economical with the truth !! The fact that other manufacturers make awful models, some only released in the past few days, does not excuse Oxfordrail in doing the same thing. The worry is that this attitude to accuracy may infect Hornby in years to come but at least the items I know to be in the pipeline should reach the shops without their accuracy being affected. The main worry for Hornby is if they can survive that long without all the competitive pressure, combined with reduced disposable income, destroying their bottom line.
With regards choosing the Bachmann cattle wagons over Hornby or Oxford, that is of course really taking the P--- !! It's really strange that small firms, often one man bands, can make kits for over 40 years and yet still leave most of the RTR manufacturers looking like rank amateurs in terms of accuracy. Cattle wagons from Parkside, D & S etc have only been eclipsed to date by the Hornby SR models. Lets hope Hornby are planning cattles for the LNER, BR, GWR and LMS. When you get a manufacturer advertising a 60 ft Dia 1/088 LMS 1964 carflat which turns out to be a seriously inaccurate 57 ft Dia 1/094 LMS 1959 carflat you tend to lose a degree of confidence in that companies competence. I'm sure I don't need to spell out who that was.

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