Look what's on my railway today

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Look what's on my railway today

Post by Woodcock29 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:06 am

The train below arrived at my main station Nottsborough Victoria just before 11am (South Australian time) today.
IMG_8286 ps 1 smaller.jpg

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Re: Look what's on my railway today

Post by Manxman1831 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:08 pm

Very nice. And highly appropriate.

Anything weird or unusual will catch my interest, be it an express or locomotive

I'm also drawn to the commemorative, let's hope Bachmann will produce 6165 Valour.

mick b
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Re: Look what's on my railway today

Post by mick b » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:44 pm

Excellent !!

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Re: Look what's on my railway today

Post by Atlantic 3279 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:25 pm

Agreed on all counts.
Bachmann A2 to A2/3: from my thread in Model Railways page 56 to 83, also

Hornby A3 to A1/1 Great Northern: from page 84, in resin from page 108.

Apologies for so many missing images - see page 1 for reasons & possible solution.

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Re: Look what's on my railway today

Post by manna » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:46 pm

G'Day Gents

Wish, somebody would make a RTR 'Valour' and release it on 11/11/18.

EDGWARE GN, Steam in the Suburbs.

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