OO Scale bogies, interior and underframes suitable for the 506 EMU

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OO Scale bogies, interior and underframes suitable for the 506 EMU

Post by Nova » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:18 pm

there's a seller on Shapeways who has designed and is currently selling the bodyshells for a complete Class 506/Glossop EMU, also said to be suitable for the more numerous class 306 (see links below):

Motor Luggage Coach
Center Trailer Coach
Motor Trailer Coach

however as you'll see from the links, it's only the bodyshells, no interior, bogies or underframe, the seller doesn't produce them separately either.

So I was wondering what RTR models of DMU or EMUs could be cannibalized to make a fully functioning and detailed set. I will resort to a Lima DMU if necessary.

EDIT: from looking at pictures, it looks as though BR mk1 bogies are an OK match for the trailing bogies, whilst the Triang Blue Pullman/101 power bogie is a reasonable representation for the power bogies, with some detail differences in the rivets, lightening holes and the adion of steps in the Tirang bogie. when I motorise the shapeways set I'll most likely take a resin cast of the triang power bogie and alter that, as resin is much easier to work with than diecast, I'll probably use Tenshodo SPUD bogies to power it.

That sorts out the bogies, all I need now is information on the underframes and interior
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