Renaming/numbering Pullman cars

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Graeme Leary
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Renaming/numbering Pullman cars

Post by Graeme Leary » Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:03 am

I have been going through a series of renaming/renumbering Pullman coaches using Fox Transfers and at the risk of 'teaching my grandmother to suck eggs' thought the following might be of interest to anybody working on the same sort of project.

Using fibre glass pens to remove the original RTR transfers (or in my case, removing some that replaced the original), I found that the chocolate sides - in my case Hornby matchwood - tended to become quite dull after the vigorous rubbing needed to remove the old names/numbers and this 'dullness' would show through the replacement transfers.

I had recently had a wooden display cabinet made for my locos and stained this using a product called 'Briwax'. After finishing the Pullman coach sides with the fibre pen, using a cotton wool bud the same wax pretty well had the sides back to the original RTR colour, with the result that the replacement transfers blended in (almost) perfectly. (I did give it some time to absorb fully and then finished with the 'clean' end of the cotton wool bud before applying the transfers).

The 'Briwax' container is labelled as being from Waterloo Road, London, so guess it is readily available in the UK., the only tricky matter might be that the colour I used is called 'Rimu' which is actually a New Zealand native timber but no doubt there is an equivalent deep tone you can get.

Hope of interest.

New ZEaland

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