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Joe Rowe

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 12:32 am
by talltim
Has anyone ever heard of him or know where his models ended up?
When I was younger Joe Rowe was the honorary president of my model railway club (WGC) He was building a model of Welwyn (I think) station and I was priveleged to to see it once. His real love was LNER expresses and he scratchbuild quite a few pacifics and W1 (everything handmade excepting the motors) as well as several rakes of coaches. The teak coaches had panelling made of real teak veneer! It was obvious goods trains were just background as the one he had was all ready to run converted to EM!
Unfortunatly when he died I beleive his collection was split up, I like to think it went to good homes.
I have had a look on the net for him but only found one passing mention but probably he was fairly well known as IIRC he used to do demos at exhibitions.