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Re: Heljan Gresley O2 2-8-0 'Tango'

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:36 pm
by mick b
The only "problem" with my O2 on reciept that was "not as built" was the valve gear failure,it was a very cheap purchase, otherwise it would have gone back.
Everything else described on the O2 is down to poor design (including the dire valve gear) and build quality . Heljan for the design and the build quality at the Chinese factory, wherever they were made. As mentioned by Brush Falcon , Heljan have said , that the now well known design problems are hopefully being eradicated on the next issue, time will tell.

Pulling power is not a concern for me as my layout isnt big enough for that problem, however r.t.r in 99% of designs are designed primally for tight curves and pulling power I doubt very much is hardly ever considered in their design.
I agree re the minor design problems on the O4. Luckily for me my two Q6's have never had motor problems, so far. They all pull 20 + wagons without issue.

Re: Heljan Gresley O2 2-8-0 'Tango'

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:06 pm
by manna
G'Day Gents

If anybody is interested, Howes, model shop, has in stock some of the Heljan spare parts to make your O2/3 or O2/4, into the earlier version, including the GN tender parts, smokebox, running plate and small parts, the only bits out of stock is the GN & Lner windowed cabs. Hope this is helpful.