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Re: 000 Gauge

Post by MikeTrice » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:11 pm

Beechwood wrote:The layout on the cover is the Inversnecky and Drambuie, which still exists as a static exhibit in the NRM - in the warehouse part.
A few photos. Sorry about the quality.

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Re: 000 Gauge

Post by PGBerrie » Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:04 pm

Thought I might add a little more to the thread as my friend "Fitti" brought a few collectors pieces to an exhibition at the local school which we had over the weekend.

Here's a selection of Lone Star 000 - the red Jinty and Black 2-6-2 are not on the photo, as they were put out after I took the photo. American outline was also produced and apparently the colours frequently changed.
Lone Star.jpg
Someone mentioned a blue A4 - here's the silver equivalent (with BR totem). Note the signals in the set - they don't do that any more.
Lone Star A4 Train Set.jpg
The Lone Star were push along, and as you can see from the crazy angles, pretty difficult to put on the rails - but maybe that's because of their age. The treble-0-lectric which evolved from the push alongs had plastic bodies and a rubber band drive.

The French were also in on the push-along scene:
Rail Route.jpg
These were all plastic.

Finally, a predecessor of German N gauge (1:160), Schiebetrix (= Push-along Trix), were die cast and the wheels had no flanges. The small 0-6-0 T6 was later motorized to become one of the first Minitrix N gauge locos.
The interesting thing about the Lone Star range was the accessories they also produced: trees, telegraph poles, bridges, signal boxes, signals, level crossings, stations etc. Just like Hornby and Triang used to do.


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Re: 000 Gauge

Post by strang steel » Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:23 pm

Excellent stuff PGB.

This is very nostalgic.

I have a signal box and island platform with waiting room building, plus a level crossing. My track is grey metal with rails, sleepers and a representation of ballast all roughly cast on the metal. There were left and right hand turnouts plus a diamond crossing, and the plain track came in straight sections which were about 4 inches long, or sharp curves of 45 deg.

I had at least one silver US diesel, but I painted them blue and gave them a yellow nose. I painted the coaches blue as well, although left the silver around the windows as a representation of the new (as it was then) BR livery.
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Re: 000 Gauge

Post by owd sweedy » Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:47 am

I also had some Lone Star OOO, North American push alongs which I sold to a dealer many years ago.
Incidentally, I also new Ron Bryant who built the Inversnecky and Drambuie. When he came to Canada he lived in Montreal and built an extensive TT layout, but I knew him when he came to live in Ottawa as he and his son John were members of the BRMNA. I remember visiting him in his retirement home. He has a small 2mm layout set up, part of which I believe was from the original, and he still had a couple of pieces of original rolling stock, though in poor condition, and a very small tank loco. He would have been quiet chuffed to think that his old layout was still intact and in the national Railway Museum. In the Model Railway News Vol. 25, No.290, Feb 1949 the cover picture is of Ron's layout, but the article didn't appear until the May issue, in it the layout is always referred to as 2mm scale.
The cover photo for that issue is John Ahern's Madder valley railway, with his white cat Mimi lying right in the middle of Madderport!! Am I right in thinking that layout is also persevered in a museum, (Pendon?)?


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Re: 000 Gauge

Post by All thumbs » Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:05 am

owd sweedy wrote:Am I right in thinking that layout is also persevered in a museum, (Pendon?)?
It's certainly preserved at Pendon. http://www.pendonmuseum.com/madder/index.php will take you directly there.
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Re: 000 Gauge

Post by Kestrel » Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:58 am

Blowing the picture up, the coin is a 1941 farthing, ie ¼d, which was about the size of the old sixpence.

I remember Hornby had a 000 period in the 50s but it didn't last long.

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Re: 000 Gauge

Post by micknich2003 » Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:03 am

I have no recolection of Hornby being involved in 2mm scale/000 Gauage, though they did consider "S Gauge" and one or more mock ups were made.
I have never found out why the gauge definition "000" was dropped, it seemed quite logical to me.
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