Main upgrade to v3 completed!

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Main upgrade to v3 completed!

Post by richard »

It is up, it is live, and some unbelievably good news - the upgrade to phpBB v3 managed to import the existing pictures!!!!!!

I was expecting this to be very unlikely. No doubt my luck will run out very soon...

The picture/attachment support is better integrated with the boards. The boards are also generally more sophisticated with quite a few new features (Silver Fox: Yes, you can change your own user name now!). I've already adjusted some of the new setup parameters, but I shall probably continue to fine tune things over the next couple of weeks.

The new software came with two themes: A fancy new one called "ProSilver" which is probably a bit too new. It would take everyone a while to get used to, and I would have quite a bit of graphical modification work required. And there's the tried and trusted "SubSilver". We're currently running with "SubSilver", but the next job is to modify it to match my original modifications. This is why the colours aren't quite right and the default phpBB logo is still in place. Hopefully these will be fixed by the time most people see this.

The new user sign in is the new modified CAPTCHA system. I don't like these (and the old one was virtually useless). This will be modified with a challenge question along the lines of the old one.

I also have a mod which I need to add sometime this week. This will aid with site-wide search when I implement it (probably in August).

Finally, it looks like attachment thumbnails are not yet working. I'll see if I can get them fixed.

Let me know if you have any problems...

Richard Marsden
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