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Attachment Management

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In recent months, the disk space used by these forums has been growing at a fast rate. The main reason for this growth are the attachments. In the past I've tended to increase quotas, but this time I'm forced to pull them in a bit.

Image attachments are now limited to 500K (previously 1MB).
Please try to reduce the size of images that you upload. Most of the ones that are multi-100KB can be reduced significantly.
(as a guide use GIF or PNG for line drawings, and JPGs for photos)

Other attachments: 1MB continues (eg. zips, docs, etc).
Private Message Attachments (all types): Total private space = 5MB (as before)

The thumbnail size is currently set to 400x400px. I may expand this slightly. Keeping to this size produces a viewable picture that doesn't take up too much disk space.


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