Attachments are live!

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Attachments are live!

Post by richard »

I've now added the attachment modification to the forums.
You can also PM (private message) attachments.

Rules: Attachments must be on topic (no spam).
You must own the copyright or have permission from the copyright owner.

I can control what types of file can be attached. Most images, sounds, etc are allowed at the moment. Let me know if you need to attach a file type that hasn't been included. Web scripts are currently banned.

The current quotas are in place:

512KB max. for any one attachment
10MB max. for all forum attachments (per person)
2MB max. for all PM attachments (per person)
Max. 5 attachments per forum post
Max. 1 attachment per PM message

I will see how these quotas work, and will probably change them at a future date.
At the moment there are no limits on image width and height.
If this poses a problem, I may tell the software to "automatically thumbnail" large images. If I do this, readers will still be able to see the full image by clicking on the thumbnail.

To add an attachment you need to press the "Add an Attachment" button.
The screen will update, allowing you add a comment and select the file on your PC that you wish to attach. Note that when you attach the file, the message saying 'success' or 'error' is at the top of the new page. I found this easy to miss.

Let me know if you have any problems,

Richard Marsden
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