Searching for topics before posting

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Searching for topics before posting

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In recent weeks, we've had a number of duplicate threads. Please use the search facility ("Search" in the top right, between "FAQ" and "Members") to check to see if a subject or question has been discussed before.

Some topics are suitable for multiple threads - signalling comes to mind - for example, you might be asking about a specific area or region, or type of signal. And even a specific place might be appropriate for multiple threads.

A couple of examples where the poster should have added a comment to an existing thread: A model manufacturer's product announcement for the coming year. A new announcement for a new year or manufacturer is worth a new thread, but not the same announcement from the same manufacturer.
Another would be a "Did you know there was a new build project for X?" when the project has been discussed a few times before. A new thread would not be appropriate for this question, but it would be for big news or perhaps speculative discussion (eg. my P2 name thread).

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