Lea Valley Loco Mystery

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Re: Lea Valley Loco Mystery

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The N7 was allocated to Kings Lynn when that shed closed in 1959.

Perhaps this kind of move was in fashion at the time? Hatfield shed received N5 69266 for a few months in the summer of 1959. (I have a colour photo of 69266 just north of Hunter's bridge on the Hertford branch alongside Dawnay's steel yard, one of several industries in WGC then still rail served. )
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Re: Lea Valley Loco Mystery

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I suspect the B17 didn't travel very far south - it was withdrawn on 23rd July and scrapped at Doncaster, according to Yeadon. Not sure what it was doing at Darlington though!
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Re: Lea Valley Loco Mystery& others

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Hi all bit more of the 28XX mystery it started its train @ Tilbury(think we all thought Ripple Lane)Tilbury had WD 2-8-0's @ the time maybe eg" hey! Ted take one of the 2-8-0's we know the rest,the B17 mystery, Darlington did take a hand in works visits of this class, the drawings for the class came from there, a follow on from the "Shire"class, so a bit of a homecoming for those that went back along with the L1 tanks from the South for their Generals,maybe on arrival Darlington(bit late in the day for a general for the B17classmembers?& decided to withdraw the loco& being unable to sent it South to Doncaster for scraping,now TI would @ times put the class prefix in on reporting of movements if omitted by the reader,or maybe someone would also send in the wrong #& a correction in a following month be shown or was it........ 69894? a likely candidate not seen heading south, maybe it didn't thats why? jj
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