Wembley Exhibition station

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Wembley Exhibition station

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Good morning

I am looking to find images of this station, which was built for the 1924 (?) Exhibition; they need to be preferably of reproduction quality to help illustrate an article which I have produced for Backtrack magazine. For the same article I need to track down an image of Canfield Place signal cabin which I believe was located at the north end of the tunnels from Marylebone, just where the track curves to the left to run alongside the Metropolitan Railway route from Baker Street. Firstly can anybody confirm this was the location - Canfield Place certainly shows up as a nearby street in my 1960s A to Z atlas.

A further thought is was there another intermediate signal cabin between Marylebone and Canfield Place, say where the GC route crosses the former LNWR line ? I have seen some of the BoT / MoT accident reports concerning a number of incidents around Canfield Place and it is unclear from these just where the cabin(s?) were and there is nothing to be seen nowadays to give any clues. In these reports there is mention of both Hampstead and St Johns Wood tunnels. I assume that the St Johns Wood one is from Marylebone to the LNW crossing and that Hampstead tunnel is the remaining section up to the Met line. Can anybody confirm my assumptions please ?

And of course can anyone point me towards the images I need ?


Re: Wembley Exhibition station

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Yes Canfield Place s/box was where you said it was on the Down side of the running lines maybe a couple of hundred yards away from the tunnel mouth just coming off the curve and as for another s/box located between Marylebone Goods box & Canfield Place box where the LNWR passes under the GCR main line I am fairly certain that there was never another box located there.
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Re: Wembley Exhibition station

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According to Wikipedia, this station was originally named The Exhibition Station (Wembley) before being renamed Wembley Stadium in 1928/9.

There are a few photos of it here:https://www.google.com.au/search?q=old+ ... zL7oCNOg6M:

There is also a photo of the station by H C Casserley on p70 of part 1 of The Great Central in LNER Days by Jackson and Russell.

All the photos I've seen are 'end-on' as the station was squeezed between advertising hoardings and other buildings. However you can get a good general idea of the architecture which I assume fitted in with the rest of the exhibition complex.
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Re: Wembley Exhibition station

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