Floor colour in GNR Toilets

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Floor colour in GNR Toilets

Post by manna » Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:30 am

G'Day Gents

I'm having another go at Edgware station, I've done the Booking hall and the Station masters residence, but the other 1/3rd includes a open roofed gents toilet between the waiting room and the parcels office, the Question is, what colour was the toilet floor, I do know the 'Loo's' at Kings Cross, had black tarmac floors (same as the mess room) but that may have been laid over an earlier floor, it may have had a paved or tiled floor, anyone have any idea,

Anyone in the Barnet/Totteridge/East Finchley area care to have a quick look :wink:

Thanks in advance. manna
EDGWARE GN, Steam in the Suburbs.

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