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Re: Memories

Post by silverfox » Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:14 pm

Just slightly o/t but like you i was a BR only interest person . If it wsnt in the ABC then it wasn't worth looking at.
Over the years i have taken an interest in US and French locos
Can recommend a long weekend in Mulhouse to visit their National Railway museum as well as the cite de l'automobile -collection schlumpf

Visited the US last year and went coast to coast 14 museums Rail,road and air. Got a nice personal tour of the UP workshop where they are restoring the BIg Boy for running next year.
Here is me with its tender ( i am NOT a dwarf just over 5ft 8) gives you an idea of the size of theses beasts.Really like them now

However still cant get my head into british industrial and narrow gauge though

Apologies for non appearance of photo

It is too big. for the techies among you it is a 6000x4000 pixel and i have photopad editor,
Is there a way to get it to a size to put it on?


Re: Memories

Post by Mickey » Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:06 pm

Ha ha ha... yes I know where you are coming from silverfox I really like the B.R. era myself especially the first 20 years of it up to the end of steam on B.R. in August 1968. I have a couple of hundred dvds featuring the 1960s era when a small number of young railway enthusiasts went out line side at weekends with a cine camera and filmed what they saw and I actually like watching those dvds and find that they keep my eternal interest in railways alive from that era and I always think to myself when I watch them "That's how railways should be" from the steam locos and the rolling stock to the signalling and the railwaymen who are featured it definitely was a 'golden era' on our railways.

US steam locos are quite interesting although they would never surpass 'our locos' for me and in recent times I have also developed a bit of an interest in Turkish & German steam locos.

Yes and like you I never took any real interest in narrow gauge railways and as for industrial railways again I never really took any real interest in them either maybe because they were largely hidden away from the average railway enthusiast and the few photographs I saw of industrial steam locos they always seem to be of a 'motley collection' of either 0-4-0 saddle tanks or 0-6-0 tanks or 0-6-2 tanks from some obscure unknown origin?.

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Re: Memories

Post by manna » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:59 pm

G'Day Gents

First Love, LNER and GN loco's, then SAR then US steam.

I think I've posted some of these before. A couple of South Australian loco's, a streamlined 4-8-4 and three 4-6-2 heading for the scrapyard.

526 Aldgate, South Australia.jpg
Mile End 620 class.jpg
EDGWARE GN, Steam in the Suburbs.

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