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Re: "East Goods"

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 10:08 pm
by StevieG
The names Highbury Vale sidings and Gillespie Road sidings were both often seen in internal documentation (train circulars etc.), but I was never sure which was which, eventually (while working in KX Control 45 years ago) deciding that the large group of sidings below and to the right of the 5/6 on the swhite01- supplied plan were Gillespie Road, while Highbury Vale was the two or three roads parallel with Drayton Park (the street), roughly opposite the Elfort Road and Aubert Park turnings, and nearly opposite FP No 1 Box, though still wasn't 100% sure.
Will try to remember to check for more info in notes when I can access them in a few week's time.
The details from inside FP1 Box probably won't help as both sets of sidings were accessed through the same point connection there (with 'my' 'HV' roads only accessible by reversal in 'my' 'GR' sidings), and the relevant FP1 Box points and dollies were probably merely described as " ... Up Sidings". In fact, because of that single connection, I think some operating staff just referred to both sets of sidings as 'Highbury Vale.

Re: "East Goods"

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 10:15 pm
by lemmo
Thanks for the map Steve.

That shows three tracks onto the incline down to Finsbury Park #1 box, being Up and Down lines and a headshunt. At some point the Down line was removed so movements up the incline to East Goods were no longer possible. Richard Pike's box diagram show just the one track crossing over to the incline.

I've always wondered why East Goods was accompanied by a ground frame right next door. What was the rationale for this?

Also interesting to see Gillespie Rd (or Arsenal) tube station located below. I didn't realise that... :)