1923/4 LNER Structure Paint Schedules

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1923/4 LNER Structure Paint Schedules

Post by nutford » Sun May 19, 2019 4:56 pm

Hi.. does anybody have, or know where to get, a copy of the 1923/4 (or even the 1930) LNER structure paint schedule?

This used to be freely available online (oddly on a site which was largely devoted to Southern), but foolishly I never bothered to save it, as it was there, just kept the link. Then one day the site went down never to be seen again....

For those not familiar, it covered EVERYTHING! Right down to what colour to paint the door handles, or pretty much. Don't suggest the stationcolours website - it's OK, but not at all detailed nor entirely accurate. I know the main external colours in 1923/4 were 'dark' brown, cream and stone, but what was what is the question!

Thanks for any suggestions.

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