Valour’s other nameplate

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Valour’s other nameplate

Post by Tim Watson » Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:06 am

I am making a 2mm scale model of Valour, which is described in the model part of the forum. One Valour nameplate survives in the York National museum.

A friend of mine mentioned that the other one had a chequered history: It is believed that the second nameplate remained at Gorton Works for some time after 1948, it was then affixed to the top of the doorway of a church in Openshaw Gorton that had railway links. The plate was cemented into place and photographed A few years later the plate was removed forcibly (or stolen) from the church door and nothing had been heard or seen of it since A conspiracy theory however exists: Just after the plate was removed from the church, the presiding vicar was reposted to a position in Australia. It is thought he may have taken the plate with him. The said vicar is reported as having died some 8 years past but nothing has come to light as to the whereabouts of the plate.

Anyone any observations on this, or are there other versions?


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