The 'Flying Scotsman' (not the loco)

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The 'Flying Scotsman' (not the loco)

Post by x568wcn » Sat Apr 08, 2006 3:02 pm

Even the exhibition is wrong saying the Flying Scotsman has run since 1862 when the 'Flying Scotsman' has run since 1924...anyway
Whilst spotting on York Station today, there were a lot of GNER about, due to Engineering Works at Darlington, so not much as getting North, and at a couple of points today, there were;
91117 (platform 11)
91103 (plaform 7 (dead end platform)
43s 106+039 (platform 9)

the 2 91s came up and then back down, the 43s down then back up

and a few minutes later;
91118 (platform 11)
91119 (platform 5)
91110 (platform 7 (dead end platform)
43s 108+095
and again the 91's came up and went back down, the 43s down and back up, and it seemed only Virgin was geting through!

Anyway I was thinking, about what time the Flying Scotsman would hit York Today. on the Down Flying Scotsman,
Mon - Fri - it gets in to York at 11:53, and Edingburgh at 14:26
Sat & Sun - 09:55 or 10:15, no 10:00

on the Up Scotsman
Mon - Fri - 09:30 or 10:30, no 10:00 from Edingburgh
Sat - York at 12:30 - Kings Cross 15:07
Sun - 09:45 or 10:15 again no 10:00

so technically the Scotsman does't really run anymore!
By Mark t
(now known as silver fox)

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